The Crew


Captain Jaron Frieden

Captain Jaron has been fishing Boston Harbor since he was a kid and has over 40 years experience in the fishery, with many proven bass hot spots.  Captain Jaron's philosophy is simple, get to know your passengers to understand what THEY want out of the day BEFORE the trip and  be prepared  to do the best job possible to deliver. Fishing should be fun and a learning experience for those that want it and for those looking to kick back and enjoy, by all means, please do so!  Jaron is a people person and a true professional so you will always be greeted with a genuine smile and friendly conversation.


First Mate Cole Frieden

First Mate Cole, youngest son of Captain Jaron is a very experienced fisherman and well trained First Mate that will not disappoint.  Cole has been a diehard fisherman since he was 3 years old,  is extremely personable and happy to share his stories and knowledge.  Cole has the distinction of being in the 50"+ Striper club, an achievement that some avid longtime anglers don't reach!  Cole is a sophomore at Burlington High School and has a future in this business should he choose to pursue after college.


First Mate Jack Frieden

First Mate Jack, oldest son of Captain Jaron is also a very experienced angler.  Jack landed two 45"+ stripers in a single evening.  Jack has time and again put us on big fish with his knowledge and keen instincts.  Jack is also very strong and someone that you might want to have around on a tuna trip to relieve you if you need it!  Jack is an incoming construction management major at the Wentworth Institute of Technology and an electrician in training when he is not fishing.