Targeted Fish

Striped Bass


The most popular of the targeted species by far.  "Stripers" are known for their strong fight and good eating! Stripers migrate up from the Chesapeake Bay each year and arrive in early to mid May each year beginning with schoolies (less than 28") and the big fish follow in early June through October. Stripers in the 30-40" range are considered a good catch, 40 - 50" a great catch and over 50" a lifelong memorable experience!

Blue Fish


Bluefish are generally on the same schedule as stripers, but typically arrive a little later and leave a bit earlier. They are an agressive toothy fish that are often seen blitzing on the surface attacking bait fish. They can be a ton of fun to cast out and watch them slam your lure and take off for a great light tackle casting battle! We have house recipes that make this more oily fish taste fantastic!



Flounder are the perfect call for young children or adults that are down for a more chill day in shore. They are a bottom fish that are fun to catch on light tackle.  Young kids have fun reeling the fish in unassisted while the whole family will enjoy the tasty filets they produce.  By far my favorite cooking fish!

Bluefin Tuna


Most definitely the prize of New England waters, the Bluefin Tuna can grow to greater than 100" and give you a fight you won't soon forget!  These fish can take at least an hour and half to bring to the boat and larger or more stubborn fish  can easily go on for multiple hours. Bluefin fishing starts up generally in late July and we fish right through to around Thanksgiving. Bigger fish are in greater numbers later in the season. 

Haddock and Pollack


Haddock and Pollack are ground fish and are targeted around or on Stellwagon Bank for the most part.  They are amongst the best eating fish and also provide good steady action on the way to catching your limit.  The mate is happy to filet your fish and send you home with dinner!



Mackerel are the preferred bait fish of the area for all species of fish. However, we often get the comment that they are a bunch of fun to catch and can sometimes be the most fun for the kids! These fish are very pretty and fast and can sometimes be caught 5 at a time on a Sibiki rig!